Get your website launched and ready to go, often in under 24 hours. Our package includes up to 7 custom pages, and a basic logo. You can send us the content you would like on each page, or we can create it for you at no additional charge. We also include a tutorial on WordPress and how to manage your website with no prior computer knowledge required.

Discover the power of social networking and its ability to market online. Facebook has proven a powerful tool for many fortune 100 companies. It has a great interaction feature that allow you to discover customers in new ways. Thru effective posts and updates, It becomes a powerful tool for retaining and acquiring new customers.

-Connect with Customers thru new outlets

-Update Social Media and websites Simultaneously

-Advertize news and offers to your most loyal customers

-Integrate Facebook or Social media fully into your website

Give your Business the identity it deserves. We provide visually captivating logos that will look great on both your website and banners All our work is custom made and ensures you have a unique  and appealing logo to market.

-Custom & Vibrant work uniquely tailored to your business

-Fully made to plugin seamlessly with your online and print marketing

-3 unique concepts and unlimited modifications

Add a strong Video presence to your business. Free Media hosting sites like YouTube as well as emerging technology, make video marketing more attractive than ever. We provide professionally shot and edited video at fair and affordable rates  Boost your business presence with  video today!

-All video shot in vibrant 1080p format

-Footage edited with state of the art Video editing software

-Animations and video logos available

-Script writing for commercials available

Statistics agree, being on the front page leads to  a much higher audience and traffic to your site. With today’s audience browsing faster and faster, It is important to get your message out as quick as possible. Let our powerful SEO Analysts help you get the most visitors to your website and to the top of search engine pages.

SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is indispensable in the modern web world. With the vast amount of online

Content in today’s web, innovative tactics have to be put to use to ensure your business is

Exposed, and not buried. SEO marketing offers:

-Quick results on Google

-Strategic market exposure

-Keyword development

Statistics agree, being on the front page leads to  a much higher audience and traffic to your site. With today’s audience browsing faster and faster, It is important to get your message out as quick as possible. Let our powerful SEO Analysts help you get the most visitors to your website and to the top of search engine pages.

Market Research

Market research is essential to understanding your audience.

Myphoenixweb specializes in making sure your business is exposed to the

fullest potential. Market research offers:

-Demographics review

-Foot print analysis

-Potential market overview

Most businesses rely on local sales for revenue this makes it it essential to have a strong city reach. Craigslist simplifies this by allowing online customers to find your location thru the web. We can create a great ad for you that will visualize your business in the most efficient manner. Quickly increase your local customer base with craigslist posts.

Craigslist Marketing

The growing Craigslist market offers exposure to global portal with a vast amount of visitors each day.

Craigslist is unique in that site traffic comes from local residents spread out across the valley. Bizavu

Specializes in making your Craigslist ad stand out above the rest.

Our Craigslist ads feature

-Statistics Review

-10 Photos

-1 Location Map

-Detailed Ad Description

Print and outdoor marketing is a great way to compliment websites and online sales. Flyers easily promote your website and monthly deals. Reward your customer’s loyalty with a way to get in touch with you. Thru both print and web

Outdoor & indoor Banners

-All sizes available

-Custom artwork and content fill

-Permanent & Disposable options available



-Unique and functional designs

-Vivid color, and cost effective B&W options available

-Quick turnaround

-Website, Craigslist, and Social Media cross promotion available


Business Cards

-Vibrant and attention grabbing designs

-Custom logo ad content fill design

-Effective use of limited space

-Double Side, Color, and B&W available

Our photographers are specifically trained for cultivating your business or idea in the best light possible. We will work hard to ensure you pictures portray everything that makes your business great. We shoot with professional Cannon Dslr Cameras to achieve best results.

Pro Photography

A good photo can say so much more about a business than words can. Pro Photography is

Essential in making your business stand out. Bizavu offers cutting edge photography and

Editing. At Bizavu, our photography staff offers:

-Pro Photo Sessions

-Pro Photo Set Up

-Advanced Pixel Editing

-Innovative Angles & Effects

Large banners and flyers still prove a strong tool for marketing a business. We can design and print your media to effectively promote your services as well as upcoming deals. Our products include outdoor and indoor advertizing, as well as custom signage construction and installation.We strive to provide you with a quick turnaround for  concepts to ensure you are happy with the progress every step of the way.

Outdoor Banners

-Unique and functional banner design

-Made from tough and weather resistant materials

-Created with legibility from extreme distances in mind


 A-frame and Feather Banners

-Custom hand made and Factory spec options available

-Reusable and customizable hardware

-Made with Durable and robust materials

Improve your business sales with our powerful E-commerce options. Our turnkey wesbsites systems allow for easy User content and product addition with no prior web coding experience necessary. We also offer maintenance and 24 hour support for last minute product additions or assistance. Our effective and affordable E commerce solutions are also uniquely tailored to best market to your target audience and demographic.

-Fully unique and tailored to suit your business needs

-Completely functional with integrated paypal checkout plugins included

-Easily add products and updates with your websites easy to learn layout

-Free tutorials and phone assistance always available.

-Search engine friendly and secure for your customers.

Need an appealing Menu or flyer? We are able to create vibrant and cost effective  designs. We specialize in both color and b&w designs. Make sure you are making the most effective use of your print media with our unique compelling designs.

 News letters,

-Monthly and weekly publications available,

-Custom written articles and visual updates,

-Effective coupon and special offer Sections built in



-Highlight your products with  stunning and attractive  appeal.

-Print and online multi page designs available

-Easy and affordable to update and print


Restauraunt Menus

Dine in and take out designs available

Easy to add new menu items and updates

Attractive Color and B&W solutions